UN_ASKED is a multi-media photography show created by Xuesheng Ma and Simon Peter Green.

We celebrate photography.

We connect photographers based in Britain.

We appear irregularly in online spaces, galleries, museums, discos, coffee bars, festivals and fields.

We take photography to a wider audience by building a warm multimedia social space that falls between known and unknown worlds.

Un_asked is simply its own thing.





Xuesheng Ma was born in Ningbo, China. She lives and works between London and Tokyo.

Xuesheng uses poetic and abstract visual language as a metaphor that expresses the passing moment. Relating to an aesthetic that exists in eastern texts, the concept of animistic and fleeting natural phenomena. She seeks to interpret this transcendent definition through her photography. Her images imply a longer, deeper, gentle sadness and sensitivity to things that pass, reflecting on “mono no aware” which is a Japanese phrase meaning reverence for nature and appreciation for transience.

She has awarded a Master of Fine Arts Photography at The University for the Creative Arts in 2022

She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Photography at Nihon University College of Art in 2020

Her work has been exhibited at The Lightbox, Woking; Spiral Hall, Tokyo; Noorderlicht International Photo Festival, Netherlands; Truman Brewery, London; Arles, France; and others

Simon Peter Green

Musical Director


Simon Peter Green is a photographer whose main interest is representation, portraiture, social documentary, and visual sociology.

His aim is to platform people in a progressive and dignified way.

He was the founder and production director of the London Street Photography Festival. In this role he championed women, under-represented minorities and young people. In 2017, LSPF was the first street photography festival in the world to achieve a majority representation of women in their management team, guest speaker list and roster of competition judges. He made the LSPF competition free to enter for under 21’s. This brought forward many exceptional talents, most originating from South Asia.

He was awarded a Master of Fine Arts Photography at The University for the Creative Arts in 2022

He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Photography at Coventry University in 2020

His work has been featured in exhibitions, newspapers, magazines and online.

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